We keep the same cleaners in a business, no more time consuming explaining of areas to be cleaned after the initial setup

I personally service every one of my customers. You don’t have someone come out, sell you a service and then you never hear from that person again. Every customer will always have a direct line to me, no hold, no waiting or press 1.

I personally vet every single cleaner that I hire. I am the one that meets the client, goes over his or her needs and since I hired my cleaners and I am the one who met with the client, I know what will be the best fit.

We have the best communication between Cleaner-Client-Company in the business. Communication is key to a smooth running business to business relationship and I guarantee our responsiveness and professional approach will make you very very happy.

We have the most competitive prices in the industry. Having over 16 years of family experience in the industry we have someone in the family that has seen most any situation and we are prepared to find a solution right away.

We know what it means to serve, we have decades of years of service in high pressure situations. The owner was in elite military teams. We know how to create a solid plan and put it into effect and get the job done right the first time.