Deep Cleaning And Disinfectant Services For Coronavirus

We have taken every measure we have at our at our disposal to ensure our clients are able to keep their customers and employees safe during this Coronavirus outbreak. Freedom Cleaning Solutions is conducting deep cleans, full building sanitization, and providing disinfectant chemicals to our clients throughout central Florida. We are the service provider to over 100 medical offices, 2 theme parks and 4 airports. We do not price gouge and we have the stock and equipment to take care of our clients needs and most importantly our local Floridians safety. Trust Freedom Cleaning Solutions with your Coronavirus cleaning needs!

Specialty Cleaning Equipment For COVID-19

With our electrostatic spraying back pack sprayers you can turn liquids into a very fine mist. What does that mean in Coronavirus cleaning though?

Well with COVID-19 we need to disinfect large areas. We use approved disinfectants with this technology to disinfect huge schools and office spaces quickly and effectively, getting into every space without worry of damaging or over saturating equipment, furniture and other office items. This quicker and more effective time means less of a chance of your clients and employees getting sick.¬†Our disinfectants kill bacteria and the virus on contact in 5 minutes and don’t need to be wiped off since they can absorb and air dry.

Cleaning When You Need It

We realize that many businesses have strange hours of operations and their cleaning needs may fall outside the typical windows of business hours. Freedom Cleaning Solutions is able to offer flexible scheduling for daily, weekly, monthly, or even emergency Coronavirus cleaning services. We are here to help you keep your business safe and clean however possible.

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