Disinfect And Decontaminate Any Surfaces, Rooms, or Buildings

It is vital to your business to make sure contaminants including viruses and bacteria are dealt with before they have an impact on your customers and staff. Freedom Cleaning Solutions has specialty equipment and processes to ensure the highest quality decontamination processes in the industry. From specialized machinery to high quality disinfectant, our company is ready to keep you safe and healthy.

Government Compliant High-Quality Cleaning

Whether you are dealing with COVID-19, the seasonal flu, or any other widespread health risk it is important that you are taking the utmost care to keep your space clean. In addition to any normal janitorial or cleaning services, Freedom Cleaning is equipped to do extra levels of deep cleaning and disinfecting. Our electrostatic atomizing sprayers distribute disinfectant broken down to a fine fog/mist and electrically charge the liquid to adhere to surfaces. All of our practices are compliant with US Department of Health guidelines so you never have to worry about cross-contamination or poor quality in your services.

Readily Available Cleaning Services 

Decontaminate safely, quickly and stay affordable all in one with our decontamination services. We can quickly decontaminate your office, dealership, school or medical facility in minutes with our electrostatic atomizing sprayers and highly skilled teams. We can schedule cleaning and disinfectant services any time or day of the week to suit your business. Contact us today to see how Freedom Cleaning Solutions can go to work for you and ensure a safer, healthier, and cleaner space for you and your clients or employees.

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